A simple set of choices

Straightforward ways of saving and investing your money, all designed to give you a better return than a standard instant access cash savings account.

  • Our Lifetime ISA is a new way of saving to help first-time buyers aged 18-39 get onto the property ladder with a 25% bonus from the government.
  • Our Flexible ISA is a way of investing, tax-free, in stocks and shares with instant access to your money.
  • Our Investment Bond is designed for investing a lump sum for 5 years to get a guaranteed return.
  • Our Tax Free Savings Plan is for regular saving over 10 years

They’re all made for saving for the medium to long term, but if you need your money in an emergency you can always get your hands on it, subject to Terms and Conditions.

Your main choices are whether to invest a lump sum or a little every month and whether you want a guaranteed return.

Terms and Conditions apply to all products.