Financial Services Compensation Scheme

If we ever couldn’t pay back your money, you’re covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You would get your money back, up to certain limits. 

The FSCS is there to protect savers if their bank or other financial provider is unable, or likely to become unable, to pay out on any claims, by covering them for any money they’ve lost – up to some limits. What those limits are depends on the type of savings or investment you have.

Here’s a snapshot of the limits for different kinds of financial products, but for full details see the FSCS website.

Investments: £85,000 per person per firm

All of our products are classed as investments (not deposits). This includes stocks and shares ISAs, Lifetime ISAs, Junior ISAs, CTFs, Tax Exempt plans and investment bonds.

Therefore, 100% of the first £85,000 invested in your policy is covered by the FSCS

Insurance: no upper limit

100% of any long term insurance plan or Sickness Income Plan you have with Unity Mutual is protected by the FSCS.

Visit for full details of the limits, and how they can help you.

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