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Change your personal details, payments or contacts.

Simply choose what detail(s) you would like to change from the list below, and follow the instructions.

If you need help from one of our team, please get in touch.

Change of name

If you have changed your name by marriage we will need to see your 'Marriage Certificate'.

If you have changed your name via the UK Deed Poll Service, we will need to see your 'Deed of Change of Name'.

For either of the above documents, if you are submitting a copy it must be certified by a professional from the list below.

NOTE: If changing a child's name certification is not required.

The certifier must provide us with their full name, contact details (address and phone number), position and company name (if applicable). The certifier must be a person in a position of authority or responsibility. Examples could be, but are not limited to:

  • Regulated Independent Financial Advisor, Bank Clerk, Post Office Official
  • Judge, Magistrate, Lawyer, Barrister, Law Enforcement Officer
  • Minister of Religion, Doctor, Notary, Accountant

We also require a copy of your new signature for our files.

For details on where to send your new details visit our Contact page.

Change of address

Simply email us your new address details, making sure you provide your policy / account number, and we will update your records,

If you have a Sickness Income Plan (SIP), please submit your request in writing, providing us with your signature.

For all of the above, confirmation of the change will be sent to your new address.

Apply to be, or change the 'Registered Contact' - (JISA and CTF only)

You can apply to be the Registered Contact for your child's Child Trust Fund by downloading and completing our 'Registered Contact Application Form'.

If you do not have a printer simply contact us when we will arrange for one to be posted to you.

Should you wish to change the Registered Contact on your child's account we will need the current Registered Contact to relinquish their responsibility. This can be done verbally by calling us, or in writing. 

Change of premium amount - (ISA, JISA and CTF only)

For ISA, JISA and CTF accounts you are not restricted to a set amount to pay each month, and you can increase or decrease your payments as and when you like.

For ISA and JISA products, your only restriction is to not pay in more than the tax free limits imposed by HMRC allow, in each tax year.

For the CTF, your only restriction is to not pay in more than the tax free limits imposed by HMRC allow, in each Subscription Year (birthday to birthday).

Contact us to discuss how much you would like to pay, and by what method.

        0151 724 1930


        30 Mather Avenue, Liverpool, L18 5HT


Change your marketing preferences

If you would like to update your preferences as to how we may contact you in the future with marketing material that we believe may be of interest to you, please contact us.

Your marketing preferences will remain in place until you let us know otherwise.

You can update us at any time, opting in or out of marketing, or change the ways in which you’d prefer us to contact you.

You can also refer to our Privacy policy for further information.

Need some help?

If you need further help, please visit our contact page to find the appropriate contact details for your enquiry.

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