Family friendly finance, built on generations of trust

We’re part of the Oddfellows, one of the largest and oldest friendly societies in the UK, with over 365,400 UK members, across 99 Branches nationwide* of which over 39,600 people receive the support of our social, care and financial benefits. Our members have trusted us to look after their money since 1810, whilst improving the quality of people’s lives through friendship, care and charitable support.

We believe that it’s natural and right for people to work together and help each other. That’s what mutuality is all about, and why we’re a mutual.

Being a mutual means we’re owned by our members and customers, not by shareholders. We’re not out to achieve a profit for our shareholders at all costs, we’re here to help our customers – simple as that.

Values to believe in

At Unity Mutual three simple values guide the way we work.

Supportive: we design our savings and investments to help our customers live the lives they aspire to.

Trustworthy: we act with our customers’ interests at heart.

Community focused: we believe in supporting the community of our customers, as well as the wider community.

A heritage to be proud of

Unity Mutual is a part of the Oddfellows, which was established in 1810 to build connections between people, develop friendships, and help each other in times of need.

The Oddfellows is not affiliated with any other organisation - political, religious or otherwise - and has no other agenda than to help its members help each other. We believe that when people work together they can achieve so much more than they can on their own.

Today the Oddfellows has more than 365,400* UK members and over £750m** of funds under management*, and remains a non-profit mutual run by its members, for its members.

Find out more about the benefits of Oddfellows membership here.

Unity Mutual is a trading name of the Oddfellows, and provides savings, investments and other financial services to people across the UK.

*Figures accurate as at 1 January 2024

**Figures accurate as at March 2022