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How to transfer your FISA to Unity Mutual

It's easier than you may think to transfer an existing ISA you have with another provider to us, without losing any of your tax free ISA allowance for this year.

Simply follow these three easy steps to get things started, or contact us directly when one of our advisors will be more than happy to help:

Step 1.

Read the 'Key Information Document(s)', the 'Terms & Conditions' and our 'Services & Costs Disclosure Document' to ensure the product and services we offer are right for you.

Step 2.

Download and complete our 'ISA Transfer-in' form, or, request one be sent to you directly.

Step 3.

Return your completed Transfer-in form to us at Freepost UNITY MUTUAL  -  (UNITY MUTUAL must always appear in uppercase) and let us do the rest.

We will issue you with confirmation that the transfer is complete once we have received funds from your current provider.

See below for your options.

Your options

Receive a Transfer Pack by post


Download a Transfer Form

In order to proceed, please download and read the following documents, and tick the box below to confirm you have read them. You will then be able to download our Transfer Form.