Over 50? 10 Hobbies (and Habits) to Consider Trying in Your ‘Highlight Years’

‘Twilight Years?’ Pah! Here at Unity Mutual, we like to refer to the latter half of life as the ‘Highlight Years’.

Think about it; your children – if you have them – are probably out there ‘living their best life’ and fending for themselves. You may also have more disposable income and we reckon you’ll have a little more time on your hands now too. That job you’ve spent your life rolling out of bed for? You could well be counting down the days until that’s no longer your reality.

So, how do you spend your spare time? The possibilities are endless, with plenty of ‘highlights’ in store for over 50s like you.

If you’re nearing retirement, you’ve no doubt got some bigger plans in place – with a holiday or two, perhaps, or maybe even a stint travelling. For now, though, you could get stuck into one of your many hobbies. Need some inspiration? Here are just 10 hobbies and habits to indulge in…

Master a Musical Instrument 

Always fancied learning to play the piano? Or perhaps you’ve long been envious of a friend who can pick up a guitar and entertain a crowd at a dinner party. If so, maybe now’s the time to learn how to master a musical instrument – and give that friend a run for their money.

Get Into ‘Upcycling’

Got an old sideboard or cabinet that’s gathering dust? Perhaps you know how it could be easily spruced up.

‘Upcycling’ is a means of converting old furniture and other items around the house into something new and improved, via reupholstery, sanding and painting, or even adding new door handles. In time, who knows…you could even turn this hobby into a lucrative side-line.

Learn New Skills

Vowed to get to grips with social media? Or maybe you’d like to learn some basic tech skills, such as using spreadsheets or even sending an email. Boost your knowledge and meet others by learning new skills at a dedicated class or course. Many libraries offer a host of courses for those who aren’t so tech-savvy to get up to speed, so keep a lookout on local bulletin boards.

Stand-up Comedy 

Everyone loves a laugh – and whether you simply want to attend a stand-up club or even perform at one (yes, really!), it’s the perfect time to give a spot of comedy a go. Some towns and cities even run improvised comedy nights (you no doubt remember the TV show ‘Whose line is it anyway?’w), which add a whole new (and hilarious!) dimension to the traditional comedy club.

Learn to Dance 

Swing, salsa, Bollywood or ballet…there’s a dance class with your name on it. Not only will dancing prove a fun hobby to get stuck into, it’ll be a great way to meet likeminded people and get fit in the process.


With phone calls, texting and video chat, the art of letter writing seems to have long since vanished – but there’s no reason why you can’t make writing a habit again. Whether scrawling a quick postcard to a pal or penning a poem, writing is hugely therapeutic. Take a look online for local writing groups, as other attendees can help hold you accountable when you neglect to pick up your pen as often as you’d planned to.


You’ve seen the adverts on TV, now it’s time to discover why tracing your family tree is a popular hobby – and not just for the over 50s. Uncover a host of hidden gems about your lineage and get to grips with the very basics of genealogy. There are plenty of websites to help you get started; take a look online or ask around for recommendations from people you know you’ve delved into their own family history. Who knows what you could discover when you get started?

Extreme Sports 

Hey, don’t knock them ‘til you’ve tried them! We told you we don’t like the term ‘Twilight Years’ – and it’s for good reason. We reckon it has negative connotations, when instead your 50s are for exploration and making more memories than you have photobooks for.

People like you are looking into everything from kayaking to paddleboarding – and here in the UK, the Lake District is just one location that is ideal for trying out all manner of water sports. If you’re fit and healthy enough, be brave and go for it.

Boosting Your Knowledge

If Wordle has become a daily habit – and you can’t get enough of it – perhaps it’s time to add more addictive knowledge and memory-boosting games to your day. Have a smart phone? Research apps which will help you ‘learn something new every day’ – hey, you’ll be a pro at your weekly pub quiz, at least!


Are you a fan of The Great British Sewing Bee? Perhaps you’ve marvelled at the stunning, sartorial creations on the show? If so, perhaps you could find a dressmaking course for beginners – either in your local area or online. It’s surprising what you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

Big plans now you’re in your ‘Highlight Years’? Good for you. If you’re keen to start putting some funds aside ready for making those all-important memories, check out our range of financial products – including our Guaranteed Investment Bond. A five-year investment that gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what interest you’ll earn as well as having your investment protected, it’s designed to be held individually or jointly with another person.

Have a question or two? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team here at Unity Mutual who will be happy to talk through our products, their terms and conditions and answer any questions you might have. 

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