Money Matters: Top Tips from the UK’s Biggest Bargain Hunters

Whether your finances are healthy or you need to rein in your spending a little, snapping up a bargain or two can give you a spring in your step. So, during the current cost-of-living crisis and beyond, we encourage everyone to see how far you can stretch your wage.

At the end of the month, you could have enough left over for an extra little treat, a night out – or maybe even a weekend away. In our latest ‘Money Matters’ article, we’re bringing you some top, money-saving tips – from bagging a good deal to making a commitment to spending less – via the UK’s biggest bargain hunters and thrift fans. Read on…

Cut Down on Your Weekly Food Shop

Launching Beat the Budget while she was at university, Mimi Harrison has shared over 400 recipes with her followers – currently at 266,000 on Instagram alone.

Never spending more than £20 on her weekly shop, Mimi makes delicious yet cheap meals everyone will love. She even has a book on the horizon, due to launch in June and featuring recipes which cost £1 a portion – or less.

If you’ve Googled ‘how to save money on food’, you’ll have found all kinds of tips and tricks besides making note of Mimi’s recipes. Did you know that you stand to pocket even more money if you shop on certain days?

If you do your weekly shop in Aldi, you’re best to go on a Wednesday, says Tom Church – the co-founder of the Latest Deals site.

"If you want to save more money, planning your shop for Wednesday can help you beat the crowds and bag some bargains before they’re all gone.” he told The Mirror.

Prices are dropped overnight, says Tom, and shoppers can make the most of the best deals. He also offers a host of other tips on bagging your groceries that bit cheaper – click the link above to read the full piece.

Shop Secondhand

After getting divorced, Anna Kilpatrick – the founder of had to downsize from her four-bedroomed house to a small flat. She soon realised that ‘living with less’ made her much happier – as did kitting out the property she shares with her two children. ‘Skip-diving’ finds and items from charity shops are the way to go for Anna – and she urges everyone to take a leaf out of her book.

She hasn’t treated herself to brand-new clothes for a decade, preferring to be ‘sustainably stylish’. Find out exactly how she does it by heading to her Instagram account, which has over 35,000 followers…and counting! 

Sell Your Stuff

As well as reining in your spending, you could also add to your monthly wage by bringing in a second income stream – via your old stuff! Sell everything from old clothes to DVDs and CDs – a second-hand expert on The Sun website offers some top tips.

From flogging old Blu-Ray DVDs to selling complete series or boxsets, Rita Kastrat wants to help you save a pretty penny – just head to the article (linked above) for some advice.

Make 2023 Your ‘Frugal Year’

It isn’t too late to make 2023 a healthier year financially.

Do so by following Clare Seal’s lead. She set up My Frugal Year after facing some difficult money situations back in 2019.

By holding herself accountable on Instagram, she managed to save money and inspire others to do the same. Find out how by heading here.

Pay Off Debt

While bagging a bargain is a great way to save money, you might also want to tackle any untouched debts that might be mounting up. Emilie of ‘She Does Money’ offers advice on how to do just that, alongside tips on budgeting and saving.

With over 500 posts dedicated to helping people get a handle on their finances, Emilie wants to ensure everyone can make educated choices when it comes to how to spend – and save – their money. An aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, Emilie’s little corner of the Internet is bursting with advice for anyone who wants to see their savings rise and their debts fall.

If you are forever searching for the answer to that age-old question: how to start saving money, why not chat to us about our products and the benefits they offer? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today, who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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