Meet the team: Andy Wilkinson - Project & Technical Support Officer

Published 5th July 2019 - We're pleased to introduce another member of the Unity Mutual team, Andrew Wilkinson.

Next in our ‘meet the team’ series is……Andrew Wilkinson. Andy has been with us for 12 years. He has held several roles in that time and is currently our Project and Technical Support Officer and is managing a number of exciting projects that we are working on.


What roles have you held here over the past 12 years?

I have worked for Oddfellows/Unity Mutual since 2007. I originally joined the Oddfellows to help with the transfer of engagement of the Ideal Benefit Society, but have since developed within the business, helping to implement the Solvency II directives as well as assisting with and ultimately managing further transfers of business.

In recent years I have helped redevelop the Oddfellows financial services operations as they went through a re-branding to be known as Unity Mutual, and played a significant role in developing the brand and supporting operations such as the current website.


What is your current job?

My current role is to help the Distribution Team within Unity Mutual as it looks to develop and bring to market exciting new products, as well as enhance the services Unity Mutual offers.


What do you enjoy about working here – apart from your amazing colleagues obviously!

Having previously worked for a large organisation where you are simply a face in the crowd doing the same job week-in week-out, I have found it fulfilling to work in a smaller office where you are involved in a wide range of projects, and feel I can actually make a difference.

‘Teamwork’ is a term easily banded about, but here it actually happens, and works. The office atmosphere is friendly and supportive, with no egos to contend with….other than my own!!

Also, coffee is free, and due to some talented and generous members of staff there is usually some sort of baked goods on offer. Thankfully there are a number of local gyms in the area!!!!


What three words would your family and friends use to describe you?

Organised, opinionated, and loyal


What is your proudest moment in life so far?

The birth of my daughter, and every day since.


What makes you happy when you are not at work?

 Most of my time is taken up with my daughter’s netball and athletic activities, and I feel like I spend most of my life in sports halls and on athletic tracks.

However, I love watching movies, and if a cheeky curry and a bottle of red can be had at the same time then I am a happy man.


Finally - Manchester United or Manchester City?

Oldham Athletic!!!!!!


Andy can be contacted on: 0161 214 4631 or email:


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