Holidays – and How to Make Your Money Go Further

If you’re planning a holiday during the cost-of-living crisis, you’re probably doing better than you think. That said, we can all benefit from saving money – ahead of and during a trip. With that in mind, we’re sharing with you some top tips to make your holiday fund go further. Read on…

Book in Advance

Spending hundreds of pounds on a holiday in one fell swoop can be tough on your bank balance, so don’t forget to use sites like Honey, with the aim to make a big saving.

You may have put 2023’s holiday on a credit card, or perhaps you’re having to go without little luxuries before it rolls around. Consider paying a deposit for 2024’s break well in advance, then – trust us when we say you’ll thank yourself later.

You could even book it not long after your land on home soil following this summer’s break. That way, you can chip away at the cost each month, just by planning your 2024 holiday this year.

Shop Around

Choosing a holiday is like buying a house; everyone has some non-negotiables before they make it official. Before signing on the dotted line for a new property, you might want to make sure it has a garden, garage or the right number of bedrooms.

When it comes to a holiday, you might want to ensure it has a pool, plenty to keep the kids entertained, or even a free shuttle bus to the beach. Work out your non-negotiables well before you travel and don’t simply get lured in by a good deal. Shop around and use the website’s search filters to find your holiday dealbreakers.

You can still find a bargain, but remember: it’s only a bargain if it ticks all the right boxes.

Be Adventurous

On the flip side, if you’re keen to make some holiday savings and don’t mind where you go, some deals sites offer ‘mystery breaks’ at extremely low prices.

The only thing? You pay up front and it really is a mystery where you’ll be jetting off to. From Dublin to Dubai, you could be on the plane to anywhere – don’t worry, though, you will find out in advance so you can work out what to pack.

On some sites, such deals are as low as £89 per person, but you may need to pay a little extra for things like baggage allowance or airport transfers.

You might still enjoy a better deal than if you selected the holiday yourself, though. Just be sure to do your research on the site offering the mystery holiday – and check out any reviews about the service before you spend your money.

Book Late

Another way to make great savings on your family holiday is to take advantage of last-minute deals offered by travel agents or online sites.

Book your week off work in advance, with a view to organising your holiday a week or so before you go. You can still buy the bits and bobs you’ll need for your break well ahead of time, but you may have to hang fire to pay for your flight and hotel.

You could stand to save hundreds by booking just before you travel, though. 

Travel with Friends

Is a hotel working out expensive? Consider splitting the cost of a villa with friends – particularly if both sets of families have children. It could work out much cheaper than paying for a family room in a hotel and you may even have access to a private pool as well.

Research Your Destination

Budgeting for your break includes so much more than just opening a holiday savings account for the flights and the hotel; you may also want to put aside the funds you’ll need while you’re actually on holiday.  

Once you’ve booked, head to sites like TripAdvisor and online forums to discover what people are saying about your destination of choice. This will give you a better indication of, say, the cost of a pint, or the price of day trips or activities, allowing you to save money during your trip as well as before it.

If your baggage allowance is generous, don’t be afraid to pack as much as you can cram into your case. While travelling light can be easier, packing for every eventuality will save you money in the long-run. Resort shops or supermarkets might sell easy-to-forget items like after-sun lotion or insect repellent, but they could cost a small fortune. Don’t get caught short, then, and pack anything you think you might need.

Want to get organised ahead of your 2024 holiday? Chat to us about our range of financial products here at Unity Mutual.

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