Fifty and Thriving: Why Reaching Your Fifth Decade is Just the Start…

Karen Carpenter once famously sang ‘we’ve only just begun’ – and while it’s reportedly about a newly-married couple, walking hand in hand into the sunset, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was written for the over 50s – or perhaps more aptly, anyone who is soon to retire.

As part of our current ‘Over It’ campaign, we’re focusing on, you guessed it, all the things we’re well and truly ‘over’, or rather, sick to the back teeth of, as quinquagenarians. Yes, we’re washing our hands of patronising adverts and tired old promotions aimed towards those over 50.

Instead, we’re embracing everything life has to throw at us, as lengthy careers come to a halt, and the baby and child-rearing years have passed. The promise of a brand new set of adventures comes into view now – and we can’t wait. After all, being in your 50s is far from being ‘old’ – so to celebrate, we’re sharing with you a glimpse into the lives of our customers (and some celebs) who, like you, are entering (or have already entered) this exciting, golden age of life. Read on…


Seeing the World


Many of our customers feel exactly the same about the prospect of travelling as they always did – and reaching their fifties no doubt gives them a welcome taste of what’s to come when they retire.

Providing you have the financial means, seeing the world could be top of your agenda too, whether you plan to celebrate your 50th birthday overseas, take a solo trip or visit some ‘bucket list’ destinations with your spouse or grown-up children.

Not sure where to begin? The Backpacking Housewife has plenty of top tips for those who are keen to travel in their 50s and 60s.


Taking Up New Hobbies


A young family or the pull of a fledgling career might have once steered you away from taking up a new hobby. Now’s the perfect time to try whatever it is you’ve put off until now, then, with many of our customers indulging in all manner of crafty or sporting activities.

In the celebrity world, Nicole Kidman, aged 55, loves skydiving, while the same article suggests Brad Pitt, at almost 60, loves indulging in a spot of pottery-making. Perhaps now is the time to flex your creative side as well, like Brad, or become an adrenaline junkie, like Nicole.


Getting Fit


If your fitness regime fell by the wayside during your younger years, the gym could well be your new favourite place to be in your fifties.

Of course, celebs love pumping iron too, with former Bond actress Halle Berry, at 50 years old, boasting ‘a body women half her age only dream about having’, and Sandra Bullock, also in her early 50s, tackling everything from Pilates to kickboxing and weight training as part of her fitness regime.


Setting Up a Business


When you’re older, says Mature Times, you have the experience and the freedom to try out something new. It’s why many people opt to set up a business, taking a ‘now or never’ approach and finally pulling the trigger on what might have been a long-held goal.

‘Starting a business has its advantages…and you can reap the benefits as long as you know what you’re doing.’ continues Mature Times, offering tips including ‘don’t stop learning’, putting your connections to good use, and setting yourself up adequately in a financial sense.

Some of the world’s most recognised brands were launched by people in their fifties, states this Business Insider article, including McDonald’s and KFC, believe it or not. Okay, so you may not have such grand designs as those global fast food giants, but setting up a business in your 50s can be extremely lucrative all the same.


What’s next for you – and your finances – as you reach your fifth decade? Having fun and letting your hair down should be a top priority as you near your fifties, but financial freedom can also be high on your list.


If you are keen to learn more about our financial products – such as our Over 50s Life Insurance,  tax-exempt savings plan with life cover, or Guaranteed Investment Bond do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to talk you through the Key Information and Term & Conditions and answer any questions you may have.


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