Calling All New Parents: Here’s How You Can Get a Free First Aid Course…

If you’re a new parent (or about to become one) you’ll know how much there is to think about. Feeding, nursing, bathing, getting them to sleep through the night…when it comes to babies, it’s a minefield.

While there’s plenty to look forward to during the newborn stage and beyond, you’ll also have plenty of something else: worries. Their health and wellbeing will, of course, take priority and you’ve probably bought every baby and toddler gadget going to navigate the early years.

So, what if we told you could also get access to a free first aid course for babies and children, without paying a penny? We guess that’s another thing you can tick off your parenting ‘to-do’ and ‘must-do’ lists!

Thanks to Unity Mutual’s partnership with Mini First Aid, when you open a Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA)* on behalf of your child, you can also enjoy all the benefits of a paediatric first aid course*.

Who are Mini First Aid?

If you’re an avid watcher of TV’s Dragons’ Den, you probably spotted the founder of Mini First Aid pitch (successfully, we might add) on the programme. Back in 2014, mum of six, Kate Ball, set up the company to offer baby and child first aid classes to parents and carers.

Now, Mini First Aid now trains over 1,000 people every week across the UK, teaching lifesaving first aid techniques to help parents and parents-to-be feel more confident when looking after their little one(s).

Rest assured these are the classes you’ve been looking for. They’ve won multiple awards and, of course, secured investment on Dragons’ Den itself (back in 2021) from Sara Davies MBE. As far as accolades go, you don’t get much better than that.

Who are Mini First Aid courses for?

Anyone! From parents to grandparents and carers – anyone who is responsible for looking after a child or baby regularly can benefit from these classes. Children as young as three years old can even be trained in basic but lifesaving first aid.

Members of the First Aid Industry Body, Mini First Aid provide a full range of first aid courses for those requiring a first aid qualification. Recognised by the CPD Standards Office, the courses offer vital advice, hints, and tips for those who want to become better equipped to potentially tackle a paediatric emergency.

How do you secure a spot on a Mini First Aid course?

If you’re a regular reader of Unity Mutual’s Knowledge Hub, you’ll know that we like to offer as much value to our customers and website visitors as possible. It’s why we keep our site up to date with the latest money-saving advice, from planning for a baby to getting your affairs in order.

Whether you’re just beginning to grow your finances or you’re ready to wind down and claim your pension, we’re here in the background when you need to ask a question or two.

We understand that opening a bank account for a baby or child is important to our customers, so we wanted to ensure you could enjoy an extra incentive to giving your little one a leg up on the financial ladder.

Our Mini First Aid partnership means that, as of April this year, you can secure your free space on Baby and Child First Aid Class with Mini First Aid when you open a Junior ISA with Unity Mutual*.

But we don’t stop there. We continue to work hard behind the scenes to partner with companies and charities that don’t just mean something to us – they mean something to you, too. Recently, our colleague Donna Rogers took on the challenge to climb Ben Nevis to raise vital funds for Alzheimer’s Society – and we’ve since caught up with her to find out how she got on.

Watch this space, as we’ll be sharing how Donna fared during the gruelling challenge.

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Have any questions about our Junior ISA account or the Mini First Aid course? Contact our team who will be more than happy to share with you the extra details you’re looking for.

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