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Top up your child's Junior ISA

Is it your child's birthday, a special occasion, or you simply find yourself with a little bit of spare money? Then why not top-up your child's Junior ISA and give them an even better start when they reach age 18.

Remember, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles or simply family friends can contribute to your child's future.

As with everything we do here at Unity Mutual, the process could not be easier. Simply click the 'Proceed to payment' tab, complete your payment details and the money will be transferred directly to your child's Junior ISA.

Alternatively you can pay by cheque, made payable to 'Unity Mutual', quoting your child's name and policy number on the reverse, to the following address:

Freepost UNITY MUTUAL     -     (UNITY MUTUAL must always appear in uppercase)

It is important to remember when topping-up your child's investment that you do not exceed the current year's tax-free allowance. For the 2021/22 tax year this is £9,000.