Meet the team: Tomas Connah - Unity Mutual Apprentice

Published 4th February 2020 - We're pleased to introduce another member of the Unity Mutual team, Tomas Connah.

Next in our ‘meet the team’ series is……Tomas Connah. Tom has been with us for 5 months. He has joined Unity Mutual as part of the 'Apprenticeship Academy' program which is an award winning Manchester based training program for school leavers looking to develop themselves in the workplace.

A bit about myself…

I live in Wigan and I have done all my life, and though I love living there, I have always had something more for being in a busy city environment. I left school in 2017, I finished college last year, and now I am taking the next step in my career path here with Unity Mutual.

Throughout my life I have played, watched and really had an obsession with football. Coming from a town who predominantly loves rugby, you will be surprised to know that I have not once even watched a game of rugby! I have played football since a young age at Sunday league level and I support Manchester United (Not Wigan Athletic!)

How can I be described in three words?

Determined, hard-working, and positive.

Can you tell us a bit about your new role at Unity Mutual?

My role is the Insurance Department Administrator. In my apprenticeship, I will be checking and processing the new applications which come into the business for some of the products which Unity Mutual offer. In the near future, I will be taking phone calls to customers and giving them great service. My role also includes performing credit checks, preparing packs and issuing documents to customers. I will be doing many business related activities in order to progress and develop my business skills and give a substantial contribution to Unity Mutual!

What do you think you’ll bring to the team?

I feel with my ability to work in teams and adapt to different areas, I can bring a versatile, positive member to the team, who will always be there whenever called upon. Ultimately, this will allow us to gain more efficiency within our team, and hopefully more success in the future!

What was it about Unity Mutual that drew you to come work with us?

Being a not-for-profit organisation caught my attention and upon doing research into Unity Mutual, I saw that they take great care of their customers and take pride in providing the best possible services for anybody involved with the business.

What do you enjoy most about working at Unity Mutual?

I really like the friendliness with everyone here, and it makes it feel like we are a big family. Everybody here has made me feel so welcome and I feel now I have a good working connection with everybody around me, and this is important as it gives us the best chance for further success.

Lastly – what is your go-to inspirational career quote?

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pelé


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