A Notice to Our Customers

Above all else, our thoughts and best wishes go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly, and especially to those who are sick, to whom we extend our sincerest wishes for a full recovery.

Unity Mutual is also focused on the health and safety of our employees, families and communities. At this time we are maintaining business operations as normal.

Unity Mutual staff moved to a state of lock-down following government guidelines, but are continuing business operations and maintaining excellent customer service via digital channels such as our website, emails and of course direct telephone contact. Staff are available to be contacted during usual working hours (see contact details below) via the usual methods, and using the same contact information.

With effect from 3rd August 2020 Unity Mutual staff will be returning to our offices in Manchester and Liverpool following the lifting of certain lock-down measures by the government. Our CEO - Jane Nelson - has made the following statement:

"As an employer we have statutory duties to provide a safe place of work and general legal duties of care towards anyone who may be accessing or using our place of business. To discharge these duties, we have carried out a coronavirus risk assessment to identify the associated risks of staff returning to work at the Society’s offices (Manchester & Liverpool). We have considered  different groups of workers (e.g. vulnerable workers), and implemented risk mitigating measures to minimise coronavirus related risks. We have taken all reasonably practicable steps to minimise coronavirus related risks, and will continue to monitor government guidance and review the Society’s coronavirus risk assessment as appropriate."

A copy of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment can be found here.

As you will appreciate, businesses are in uncharted territory and are looking to maintain a level of normality wherever possible through new and innovative means. Unity Mutual constantly strives to improve its customer services, and our commitment to this is stronger than ever. We will continue to adapt as we move forward over the next few months, and we welcome the support and commitment of our staff and our customers at this difficult time.

Although we have moved to using more digital channels of communication we are still required to issue some of our communications by post. We are continuing to manage incoming and outgoing post as usual, however as you will appreciate, the postal services are under unprecedented levels of stress as they strive to maintain these services for the country as a whole, and our thoughts and thanks go out to them. Therefore, please allow a few extra days on top of what you would usually expect for post to be delivered.

If you are concerned about your savings or investments we would ask you to please note that given the current economic climate, and the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the value of your fund may be lower than you expected. Please bear in mind however that your financial investment is intended as a longer-term investment product and will therefore reflect any fluctuations in the stocks and shares market. The value of your fund can therefore go both up and down over the course of the investment term.

Information and updates on your investment’s current performance can be found on this website, or by contacting our staff directly.

Finally, we strongly urge all of our customers and their families to listen and adhere to government guidance, to look after yourselves and your health as best you can, and wherever possible to help others through this difficult time. Through commitment, understanding, respect and compassion we will make it through this difficult time together.

We thank you for your continued support.

Steve Code
Insurance Director

Contact options

To talk to us about your Lifetime ISA, Flexible ISA, Junior ISA, Guaranteed Investment Bond, Tax Exempt Savings Plan, or for any general enquiries please use any of the following:

        (0161) 214 4650


        Unity Mutual, Oddfellows House, 184-186 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WB  


To talk to us about your Child Trust Fund or Sickness Income Plan (SIP) please use any of the following:

        (0151) 724 1930


        Unity Mutual, 30 Mather Avenue, Liverpool, L18 5HT


All of our phone lines are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4pm on Friday.